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Whether you have been blindsided by being served court documents or you have initiated the proceedings with the intent of a fair outcome, the process of custody decision-making or family litigation can range from collaborative to traumatic, and everything in between. Clinical Counselling can help you navigate this transition and gain tools to regulate your nervous system and emotions.

Ally will support you with a trauma-informed and family litigation-informed approach to clinical counselling. Ally's approach is integrative using strengths-based interventions including Narrative and Response-Based.


What Is EMDR?

EMDR is a structured treatment that supports an individual in focusing on a disturbing memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation. The outcome is associated with a reduction in the intensity of emotion associated with the targeted memory as well as a reduction in impact to daily life impacted by subconscious "triggers" associated with the targeted memory.

How Can EMDR be done online?

EMDR requires bilateral stimulation to occur, but this can be achieved in a number different ways. Machines generating sound alternating to left and right ears, the client following a light across a screen from right to left (back and forth), or buzzers in hands alternating left and right are some of the ways bilateral stimulation is achieved. Tapping alternate shoulders using a butterfly self-hugging pose is a way to achieve this same result of bilateral stimulation and it is easily accessible during online video sessions. The remainder of the treatment protocol remains the same using any other form of bilateral stimulation like eye movement.


Port understands the the litigation process can be unpredictable and catch you off guard at times, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. In moments like these booking an appoinment for counselling in a week does not necessarily meet your needs; for these occassions, Port offers emergency appointments that can be booked directly with Ally in as soon as 24 hours.

*Contact Ally for information or to book emergency support:

Fees for Service


-50 minute session: $145

* Sliding scale available for clients accessing legal aid and youth 15-19 yrs ($80+/ per 50 min)

*Please inquire for emergency support booking fees.

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